to Curious Owls

We are passionate about giving
children an opportunity to connect
with nature

Curious Owls Ethos

Child led, through interests and curiosity

Long term access to nature over the course of our changing seasons

Committed to CPD and development of my own practice

To create a nurturing, learning environment

To increase nature contact and grow into nature connection

To support positive, caring relationships

Hello my name is Vicki

I developed Curious Owls as I am passionate about giving children an opportunity to connect with nature.

My sessions are planned with nature exploration in mind.

Whether that be exploring something we love and know in nature or maybe it is an element a child has yet to experience, such as a new insect species or noticing a certain tree or bird.

Connecting ourselves and recognising that we are a part of nature and not separate from it.

I have always been passionate about conservation and our relationship with the natural world.

I feel so honoured to have this opportunity to share this with you and your little one, to pass on to the next generation in which we may be able to live along side nature in harmony.

Curious Owls is a child led environment.

By encouraging active play, imagination, creativity and recognising that through the act of play we are learning and developing in a constant flow.

Guiding a child on their journey at their own pace in a child led environment we can facilitate their growth as they blossom into their sense of connection, resilience and growth. I recognise their holistic growth and apply this over the course of long term planning within seasonal changes.

I constantly assess, reflect and evaluate what I do.

Sessions are reviewed to evaluate therefore feedback is encouraged and welcomed from families and participants. I am committed to my CPD and undergo extra training or personal development to enhance my own practice. All of which supports improvement and planning for the upcoming sessions.

I recognise that Curious Owls is a new growing business, changing and moving forward that we embrace in order to improve.

As a mother myself I know all too well that our children don’t stay little for long. I have been lucky enough to cherish these early years with my children at home. Becoming a new parent is an exciting time and we often forget to be mindful of our own wellbeing.

At Curious Owls we want to embrace parenthood as well as delivering sessions for your little ones. Being outdoors in contact with nature is one of the ways in which we can look after our own wellbeing.

Nature can be healing within the company of other parents and being in a nurturing environment.

As a forest school leader I work with a leave no trace ethos.

I am mindful and plan my sessions that safeguards the natural environment. We are visitors to this part of nature and I always encourage participants to be respectful of its inhabitants. Particularly when investigating all flora and fauna by not being invasive and approaching with respect.

Curious Owls uses a public space shared by other community groups.

And so we check the site before and after use as part of our risk assessments. We also ensure no litter is left behind so that the natural space is left as we’ve found it. We work with a “leave no trace” ethic.

I am a fully accredited member of:


Forest Schools accreditation

Curious Owls - Nature Exploration

Our sessions

Curious Owls run forest school and nature exploration for children of all ages, from birth

Tree Babies

Tree Babies

Tree Babies is a session for parents/carers to spend a relaxed time in nature with your little ones. Bring a chair or a picnic mat and allow your self some outdoor time with your little one.

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Tree Tots

Tree Tots

We start with a circle time and safety talk and then go and look for Barnaby the owl who lets us know what our topic for learning is. We are free to explore, play or take part in an activity. We end with circle time and either a song or a story.

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Tree Saplings

Tree Sapplings

Tree Saplings is for children over 4 years of age however younger siblings are welcome to join in. Here we explore the true forest school ethos. Long term and child led we explore our natural environment through all seasons.

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These sessions are provided for children with special educational need, specific learning needs and additional needs. Our sessions are child led and child centred. The emphases is being outdoors in nature and experiencing the world from a natural perspective.

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Special Season Sessions

4 sessions per year to celebrate the seasonal changes

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